Pick the plan that fits you


Male 40g Protein, 40g Carb, 9g Fat (avg over 5 meals)

Female 30g Protein, 30g Carb, 8g Fat (avg over 5 meals)

We automatically provide the REGULAR menu every week. It is modified to fit your individual preferences, menu selections and allergies. You do not make any menu selections. Our regular menu is already designed to be healthy twist on traditional favorite recipes.

Weekly Healthy balanced to choose a program that fits your wants/needs

 Regular Menu, Paleo/Whole30, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan,and modified for allergies/preferences. 

Quick 10  $115 

10 healthy meals, Typically for people simply looking for convenient "healthier options" on the run.  2 Breakfast Type Dishes & 8 Lunch/Dinners  (DELIVERED MONDAY ONLY) 

BASIC 15  $125

5 Breakfast, 10 Lunch / Dinner X5 days. This program is designed to help those with everyday basic needs and leaves room to use your own resources for snacks, protein shakes, or room for eating out or cooking at home. You can even request to skip breakfast dishes if you prefer, in which you'll receive a duplicate of another in its stead.

COMPLETE 20 $165+

This program is designed as a 7 Day program. Common for those who need a diet plan, or those who are very active or have the need to "Eat to Perform" active lifestyle. Great for busy households when everybody is on the go and need relief. 

20 Meals:  5 Breakfast, 15 Lunch / Dinner (5 snacks delivered Monday)


We know that not every person we prep for has the same needs and wants. Now you can work one on one with one of our nutritionists to come up with a diet that's just for YOU.  

Perhaps you already have a trainer/coach, a doctor prescribed diet or a nutritionist already... that's great too, just send it to us and we'll do those diets too!   

 KETOGENIC DIET $165 per person

Is a Full 7 Day Clean nutrition program. 

3 meals and snacks daily. 

Our Keto programs are written 100% to achieve & maintain STAGE 4 ketosis. 

When you deprive your body of carbohydrates, which are the main fuel source for people, you’re also depriving your body of its ability to keep glycogen stored. 

When your body is in ketosis, it begins to convert fat into ketones which become your body’s new fuel source. 

High Fat (70%)  Low Carb (5%)  Moderate Protein (15%) 

It is written per individual basis and is very macros specific to each person's body type, exercise or activity level, food preferences, endocrine or physical restrictions. In volatile  situations, please consult your doctor before beginning a Keto program to see if it's right for you.         

+ $20 KETO 2   (includes monthly supplements & testing supplies) 


Add Adult/Spouse

$65 Quick 10

$85 Basic 15

$100 Complete 20

(not available for Custom or KETO Diets)

$25 per Child

5 Kid friendly Dinner Sized Portions,

3 meals delivered Monday, 2 Thursday

$35+  Bulking options

Up-charge for larger portions or non-typical portion requests

 Prices are a WEEKLY RECURRING COST before tax

Drafts are automatic and on Friday of each week.  Any changes to your enrollment need to be received through Account Management tab for suspending dates, modifying, updating information, asking questions and changing your program.  

Thursday cut off time is 5pm.

A minimum 4 week commitment is required for Custom or Ketogenic Diets

($100 nutritionist fee for a KETOGENIC or CUSTOM diet plan)

Regular Menu emailed every Monday & posted weekly

Whole 30/Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, & Gluten Free Options available.

*the same menu is made with selected menu Option friendly versions or substitutions.

*All prices are before tax


Delivery Schedule

Monday & Thursday 3-6 p.m.

Meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered immediately. Our food does not have preservatives nor substrates. It's not meant to be frozen and is not meant to be sustainable beyond 7 days, it is meant to be eaten.

*Traffic & Inclement weather may have an effect on regular schedule. Updates will be provided if necessary.